James vs the Volcano

Today was the day to begin day drinking in the UK (at least in public.) Pubs and retail stores may resume operations but with restrictions, of course.

We would be remiss not to address the loss of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. We take note of this interview he gave to Afternoon Plus in 1984.

Then we simply have to share this from a Telegraph columnist:

The real burning question is what’s worse, being on an island with an exploding volcano or needing the Covid vax to escape said volcano?

In Culture Corner we wonder if someone at Marvel is taking a shot at The Great Reset and as we near the end of Cornwell, where do we go from here?

This week’s opening sound of the Duke of Edinburgh courtesy of Thames TV.

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  1. William Laing Member
    William Laing

    Hang on–hasn’t James *had* Covid-19 *already*?? So doesn’t that render moot  his willingness or otherwise to have the vaccine?

    It doesn’t matter.

    • #1
  2. EJHill Podcaster

    William Laing: So doesn’t that render moot  his willingness or otherwise to have the vaccine?

    James had it very early in the pandemic, I believe in January. So it’s been 14 months. Does he still have antibodies? You tell me.

    • #2
  3. Taras Coolidge

    Let me get this straight.  

    Toby and James are surprised the pro-immigration side in the new Marvel TV series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is turning out to be the good guys???

    • #3
  4. Taras Coolidge

    BLM has been discredited?  That sounds a bit optimistic to me.

    In a just world, of course, they would have been discredited long ago; but I expect today’s woke media to go on protecting them.

    If a scandal is not covered, did it ever happen?

    • #4
  5. Thursby Member

    You must do the Flashman books.


    • #5