James and the Giant Hunt

We’re all over the politically correct spectrum this week. On one hand, James had his epic hunting adventure last weekend, while on the other hand, Toby is struggling to adjust to his new role as “Mr. Mom” now that an empowered Caroline has left for a two week holiday in Barbados.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot on the censorship front as we take on the list of media that the UK Government’s “anti-extremism unit” thinks could turn you into a far right terrorist, the appalling rewrite of Roald Dahl’s children’s books by Puffin, and the weaponisation of ‘disinformation’ by the Global Disinformation Index to try to demonetise right-of-centre news publishing sites. We also note the protest against 15-minute cities in Oxford.

In Culture Corner, James took a trip to Bath to see a Genesis cover band, the vertiginous decline of Marvel Studios and the joys of Clarkson’s Farm.

Opening sound this week is Peter Hitchens on Michael Graham’s TalkTV programme on the Dahl rewrite, via YouTube.

To hear more about James’ weekend he was also on the first-ever “On Hunting” podcast.


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  1. randallg Member

    I became a huge fan of Genesis, ELP and other prog rock in the late ’70s. I’ve since seen The Musical Box here in Vancouver a couple of times in recent years. They are astoundingly authentic. The highlight was a complete rendition of Suppers Ready. I’d love to see them do the Lamb tour, and you are wrong, that is Genesis’ biggest masterpiece! In terms of sheer musicianship it was their peak. For years I tried to find a video of that tour and it is now available on Youtube. You also give Selling England by the Pound short shrift! Sex Pistols and the Clash are better???? Maybe if you want to get laid…

    • #1
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