Is it Over?

In this week’s London Calling, James and Toby argue about whether the global pandemic is over (Toby thinks it is, while James thinks it’s a false dawn) and discuss the Johnny-come-latelies who claim to have been lockdown sceptics all along. They compare them to repentant Communists after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

They also worry that it may be all over for their old friend Boris (well, James isn’t that worried) and what is going to offered up to satisfy the Tory base in “Operation Save Big Dog,” whether that puts the television license back on the table. And if the BBC is such great value for the money why doesn’t it become a subscription service?

In Culture Corner, thumbs up to Yellowjackets (Sky in the UK, Showtime in the US) with reservations and Dopesick (Disney+ in the UK, Hulu in the US), while Toby gives lukewarm reviews to The Duke, Being the Ricardos (Amazon Prime) and Red Rocket.

Opening sound this week is the PM apologizing to the House for parties at No. 10.

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