Everybody Hates James and Toby

James and Toby open with a discussion of Christopher Snowden’s Quillette article on Lockdown Scepticism and the mauling the lockdown sceptic Lord Sumption has received since his appearance on The Big Questions, and Toby’s censure by the press regulator, Ipso.

A special welcome to Conservative MP Neil O’Brien (or his researcher) who is now listening to London Calling and quoting things our men have said to try and discredit the lockdown sceptics’ cause (and blaming Toby for things that James said on past episodes.) Maybe this is a 77th Brigade op?

The bottom line is, do we need to care about what anyone says about us on Twitter or should we all be more like James who seems to be content being seen as the “marginal frootloop freak” as long as everyone continues to read and listen?

Then it’s on to this week’s culture picks. James has taken in series two of A Discovery of Witches (on Sky in the UK and AMC+ in the US) and also watched the new Marvel Studio’s series WandaVision (Disney+), but cannot understand it and is too embarrassed to ask his kids to explain it to him.

Opening sound this week is from Lord Sumption’s controversial appearance on BBC One.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Thanks to your inspiration I’m going to try to get my husband to read some the Cornwalls. I’m hoping this will keep him away from his phone. Wish me luck. Great podcast as usual lads.

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  2. SeanDMcG Thatcher

    I guess I’m surprised by what seems to be a relatively casual acceptance of the value-of-life calculation. Why should there be an acceptance of that calculation being done by the government? You can understand it, and explain within the context of a government run system, but nevertheless still be offended (or outraged) that the decision is not being made with the patient and physician.  It is bad enough that insurance companies do it. Thank you for illuminating one of the dangers of government-run health systems; the complacency of the citizenry to accept what should be unacceptable.

    With respect to WandaVision, the extras on Disney+ provide an overview of the arc of the show, but knowing who the characters are is vital to realizing that…something is amiss. The two episode Marvel Studios Legends series may help do that w/o watching all the movies. Knowledge of old TV shows helps as well :) 

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