Britain’s Best: The Deling Poll

James and Toby react to the PM’s presser from late Monday afternoon as Pfizer announces a 90% success rate in their Covid-19 vaccine and ask the musical question, “Why Can’t an Englishman be More Like a German?”

And then, like everyone else, our intrepid duo has a take on the US Presidential election. One thinks it may be time for a tactical retreat while the other proclaims, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” (We’ll let you guess which is which.) So exactly who was Donald Trump referencing as “Britain’s Best?” We have an idea.




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  1. colleenb Member

    Great podcast lads even if Tobs was a bit c–kish here and there.

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  2. PaulCollits Coolidge

    I fear that James is not the object of Trumpian affection.  I think the best pollster in Britian is patrick Basham, so described by Newt Gingrich the other week.  I suspect Trump picked up on Basham from Newt.  PC from Oz

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