Boris’ Nookie Ban

Tuesday evening the PM announced that the greater Manchester area would be given the Third Tier Lockdown treatment. And for Toby and James the one thing this situation has done is highlight the divide between England and the devolved nations of the “United” Kingdom.

It has also highlighted the power struggle between the elected and the unelected in government, namely S.A.G.E. (the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), which at this point should probably be renamed C.Y.A.. In the end it has made James and Toby relieved to be married (although not to each other,) especially given that Boris’s new lockdown rules mean couples that live apart can only meet outside.

We also have an update on the Darren Grimes free speech case and Gary Lineker is our “Tosser of the Week.”

On the cultural front the disappointing wokeness of Season 2 of The Boys and a disagreement about Tehran.

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  1. CACrabtree Coolidge

    Isn’t stuff like this how we ended up with Jeffrey Toobin’s “Zoom moment”?

    • #1
  2. EJHill Podcaster

    It wasn’t until I tweeted out the link that I realized the episode should have been called “Sex in the (Lockdowned) City.”

    • #2
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