Boris Derangement Syndrome

James and Toby begin the show with the Free Speech Union‘s legal action yesterday against Ofcom (the UK equivalent of the FCC), and their decision to go after anyone that contradicts or questions the government on its Covid-19 policy.

But the main discussion centers on the timidity of the Prime Minister – who still won’t accept that Covid-19 is on the wane. James thinks Boris is full of bluster and Toby thinks James has BDS, aka Boris Derangement Syndrome. And speaking of Covid-19, Toby reveals his test results that he teased last week.

Then they discuss why the murder of three men by a jihadist attracted less news coverage than a man flying a plane with a banner that read ‘White Lives Matter’ over a Premiere League game.

This week’s sound of the BLM protesters courtesy of LBC News. Toby’s recommended article from Quillette can be found here.

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  1. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    Humble pie is indeed vegetarian. If it had meat in it, it would taste so much better.

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  2. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    So, describe parlor more. Are they just a conservative headed version of twitter – or is its main motivation to be more free speech oriented.

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  3. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    So, I guess it’s parler and not parlor.

    • #3