He’s been gone for a while now (some details about that in the podcast), but thankfully James Delingpole has returned to the digital airwaves with Toby Young (read his stellar piece “The Fall of The Meritocracy” here) to discuss the immigration crisis in Europe, inside dope on British politics, the current TV landscape, and their mutual hero Benjamin Netanyahu.


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  1. Randy Webster Member
    Randy Webster

    And about damned time.

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  2. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    Welcome back, Delingpole and company.

    The drowned boy photo doesn’t matter either way because the boy was probably no more or less likely to die if he had remained in Syria.

    What do y’all think about the proposal to abolish the UN? You mentioned that among Corbyn’s many horrible ideas and associations. But eliminating the UN seems like a fine idea to me.

    If the United Nations is necessary at all, we need only a forum where ambassadors may gather and negotiate en masse. Agreements can and should be established at impromptu meetings among allies. It is beyond foolish to allow states like Russia, China, or Saudi Arabia a vote on anything we do. We certainly should not be providing a platform for anti-Semitism, nor paying for initiatives mandated by foreign representatives our citizens do not vote for.

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  3. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    There’s something amusing about Brits enjoying American Westerns like Rio Bravo. Do you agree, James and Toby? Despite the long history of rugged colonialism, modern Britain seems completely antagonistic to themes of the Wild West. On the other hand, as a native Texan, I’ve long thought of Australians as kindred spirits… despite their anti-gun laws in recent decades.

    Agreed on the Nolan brothers’ Batman films. The Dark Knight Rises reminds me less of Occupy Wall Street than of the French Revolution. Thus, the mock trials which end up eating their own. But I seem to remember having just finished Ann Coulter’s book Demonic before seeing the third film, so that might have colored the experience.

    Grand Theft Auto? Really? That seems like a stretch. I always thought they were more libertine than libertarian, but the games suggest more what they are against than what they are for. After GTA: Vice City, the series became too serious anyway. The Saints Row series began as a worthy replacement, but soon devolved into haphazard excess.

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  4. Severely Ltd. Inactive
    Severely Ltd.

    Back at last?! I haven’t listened yet but since you’ve returned bearing Toby, maybe forgiveness is in order.

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  5. JimGoneWild Coolidge

    I love hearing Brit’s take on American culture. It makes me feel .. American.

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