Back in the Saddle Again

Much to the consternation of Team Delingpole and Team Toby, our intrepid duo are back in the saddle and riding again. Like meat and potatoes, or salt and tomatoes or the Lone Ranger and Tonto, somethings just go better together.

That means there’s a lot of catching up to do – from Toby’s interrupted holiday in Wales to the results of “Freedom Day 2021.” We go over the doomsday predictions of Professor Neil Ferguson, Toby’s Spectator article on footballers taking the knee and his visit to Loftus Road to watch his Queens Park Rangers take on Manchester United in a preseason friendly.

Culture Corner is brief this week with James tackling That Hideous Strength (A Modern Fairy-Tale for Grown-Ups), the 1945 novel by CS Lewis and Toby catches the season opener of Ted Lasso (Apple TV).

Opening sound this week is from Professor Neil Ferguson on The Andrew Marr Show (BBC One).


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  1. William Laing Inactive
    William Laing

    On Mastermind (Australia)’s Grand Final, I managed to get my nose in front to take the 2021 title with That Hideous Strength and the rest of the series. (Started the heats with Flashman as special subject, so I think London Calling would have enjoyed the shows.) 

    Thanks for spreading the word about That Hideous Strength. Your observations were spot-on, James!

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  2. CatchMatt Inactive

    I do agree with Toby that intent matters but it doesn’t absolve the players from their sheer ignorance that kneeling isn’t simply a token gesture, rightly or wrongly it became inextricably linked to BLM. The Swastika is an ancient religious symbol but nobody would dare argue a virtuous use of it now since the Nazis adopted it.

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