Attack of the Doom Mongers

This week on the United Kingdom’s Most Trusted Podcast®, James recounts his experiences with the Extinction Rebellion, Toby covers the dangers of being honest in reviewing theatrical performances, and the latest on the Brexit deadline (21 days from recording and counting).

Plus your weekly dose of entertainment suggestions, dominated this week by mostly what to avoid.


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  1. Eridemus Coolidge

    About at the halfway mark, the speakers (who both visited the extinction rebellion in progress in London) pretty much concluded that the radical leaders had a lot in common with “crusaders throughout history,” who have portrayed themselves and their followers as the definers of morality and therefore justified violence against their opponents. I couldn’t help but wonder if there aren’t more “mainstream” leftists who fall just outside this realm, whose methods justify irregular secret hearings, invisible protected “whistle blowers,” night raids, fake dossiers etc. 

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    • October 10, 2019, at 2:10 PM PDT
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