Anti-Establishment Rebels

Ready for the Second Wave of Covid? The one that may never come?

After our weekly update from the Lockdown-Sceptic-in-Chief, James and Toby ridicule the idea that Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter protestors are street-fighting, working class rebels. In fact, they’re white, privileged, privately-educated members of the ruling class, which is why the police stand idly by and watch them smash windows and block roads or fall to their knees in obeisance. The real rebels are the anti-lockdown protestors, which is why they’re being arrested and fined £10,000.

Then it’s off to the telly where James waxes on (and waxes off) Cobra Kai and Toby loves The Boys Season 2, which is even more politically incorrect and violent than Season 1.

This week’s opening sound courtesy of The Ian Collins Show on talkRadio. You can watch the debate between James and Extinction Rebellion lawyer Tim Crosland on YouTube.

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  1. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    In all seriousness, WAP by Cardi B is mainstream culture now. Not cursing and not covering yourself in tattoos is now being a rebel.

    • #1
  2. Kozak Member

    Toby might want a new picture.  One that doesn’t look like this guy…….


    • #2
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