And so, in God’s Mercy, A Happy Christmas to You All

What’s the old joke? Oh, yes. “How can you tell when a politician is lying?”

Answer: “His lips are moving.”

Boris Johnson promised is quickly becoming a joke of its own. The problem is, no one  is laughing. Especially Mr. Delingpole. After a contentious discussion about Mr. Young’s latest Spectator column and “The Great Reset,” they tackle Boris and his Tier 4 Christmas plans.

After that James reveals he is on a diet, Toby talks turkey and – if you promise not to tell – they talk about what they’re getting their wives for Christmas.

This week’s opening sound is from the PM’s press conference announcing the Christmas lockdown, and our closing sound is Christmas Greetings from the PM in 1941.

And so, in God’s mercy, a Happy Christmas to you all!

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  1. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

    Please, Toby. Check it out. Each of the following is verifiable.

    Election results – like anything else that is reported by the media – must make sense to our own experiences to be believed. The real problem is that they don’t. Here is why I don’t believe the election results:

    1. Complete lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden. Trump rallied in crowds of thousands – Biden hardly got a crowds of dozens.
    2. The primaries. Trump won resoundingly (unopposed I know – but primary voters still turned up for him). The DNC had to buy off his opponents to clear the field for Joe Biden to win.
    3. The censorship of news and social media stories negative to Joe Biden. The traditional October surprise is too late – Rudy sat on the laptop too long – he should’ve released it in September for it be effective, by the time he released it nearly 1/3 of the electorate had already voted.
    4. Benford’s Law. Joe Biden’s votes broke Benford’s law, Donald Trump’s did not. To me this screams fraud. If this really was a highly improbable situation, and Benford’s law was broken by natural causes – both vote totals would have broken it. At a minimum this says that democrat ballots where treated differently than republican ballots.
    5. The synchronized shut down of the count on election night.
    6. The removal and disruption of election observers.
    7. The censorship of news and social media on anyone objecting to the election results – particularly gulling after the very same organizations spent the last 4 years objecting to the last election.
    8. Joe Biden lost support with Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ+, Unions (particularly police and construction unions) and yet managed to get more votes? Donald Trump got historic numbers of votes from Black and Hispanic voters.
    9. Joe Biden won only 477 counties (of 3142 counties).
    10. The counties that Joe Biden won experienced weirdly near universal turn out out… Often as much as 20% higher than neighboring counties.
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  2. Mark Alexander Coolidge
    Mark Alexander

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  3. Richard Easton Coolidge
    Richard Easton

    It made no military sense for Japan to attack the US in 1941. But they did it. As James said, once you’re a centi billionaire like Bill Gates, power is a much greater motivator than money.

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  4. Biden Pure Demagogue Inactive
    Biden Pure Demagogue

    EXC: Top U.S. Tech Execs Attended Conference Sponsored By Chinese Communist Group Which Pushed COVID DisInfo Campaign

    Executives from American tech giants such as Facebook and Google attended an annual conference organized by the Cyberspace Administration of China, the body responsible for leading the Chinese Communist Party’s digital campaign to censor factual narratives and push fraudulent information about COVID-19.

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  5. James Anderson Inactive
    James Anderson

    I wonder if there is any political hay in pushing for election reform?  Outlaw electronic voting, outlaw banning witnesses and outlaw mail in voting as much as possible (oversees troops are ok, etc).  It will be opposed of course and then hit them over the head with “why on earth would they oppose this? Is it because they need to cheat to win?” 

    Whatever happens in the States peculates out to the rest of the world (the left wing parties got the wins in some areas only through mail in here as well).  That dirty trick will be used all over in a few years.  The idea that ones political leaning affects the medium you prefer to votes with (mail vs in person) is so mathematically absurd.  The mail in are majority lefty though true random samples?  BS, its obvious.


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  6. Richard Russell Lincoln
    Richard Russell

    This is the 3rd or 4th week that Dellers has hijacked the first 15 minutes of the podcast with the same boring fillibuster. Change the record chaps, this is getting pointless.

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  7. Taras Coolidge

    @markalexander — 

    #11 — Of the 19 “bellwether” counties that voted for the winner in ten Presidential elections in a row, from 1980 through 2016, 18 voted for Trump in 2020.

    #12 — Trump’s coattails swept in a dozen Congressmen and hundreds of state legislators.  Since when does the loser have coattails?

    #13 — Incumbent presidents who increase their vote totals are almost always reelected. I think the only exception was sometime in the 19th century, but I haven’t checked this out yet.

    I describe the 2020 election as “red wave plus blue fountains”; that is, fountains of Democratic votes, highly localized in machine districts, which appeared miraculously exactly where Democrats needed them. It’s possible that those “fountains” did not involve election fraud, but so far I’ve not heard a convincing explanation.

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