A Long Walk Off a Short Piers

We took a ride on the Technical Struggle Bus this week. Someone was throwing some electrical interference James’ way (we think MI-5 has finally caught up to him) and Toby was coming in a little bit hot… Apologies in advance.

But content-wise we have plenty of good stuff in here. After a small bit of self-congratulations (We’re Number Three! We’re Number Three!) we tackle the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine rollout across Continental Europe, the defenestration of Piers Morgan following his criticisms of Meghan Markle, and the cancellation of the banjo player from Mumford and Sons for liking Andy Ngo’s book.

Images like this caused outrage across the UK. Credit: Avalon

American listeners may need to catch up on the story of Sarah Everard. On March 3, Everard was the victim of a kidnapping and murder and it is alleged that her killer was a serving member of London’s Metropolitan Police. This weekend, the Met came down with a heavy handed dispersal of protestors holding a vigil for her in the name of “covid safety.”

Finally, in a completely surprise move, James and Toby talk about the works of Bernard Cornwell – this time they’re taking on his King Arthur trilogy.

Opening sound this week is from the press conference held by Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick over Saturday’s protest at at Clapham Common, South London.

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  1. William Laing Member
    William Laing

    A terrible thought:

    they may cancel him, but are they going  to docks Piers?

    • #1
  2. colleenb Member

    I think the lads ought to buy Piers a weapon (if there is a legal one you can get in Britain). Then he’ll see that not only our First Amendment but the Second Amendment are pretty good ideas.

    • #2
  3. JimGoneWild Coolidge

    James, for the #3 political podcaster, you should have better equipment.

    BTW, Congrats!

    • #3
  4. colleenb Member

    JimGoneWild (View Comment):

    James, for the #3 political podcaster, you should have better equipment.

    BTW, Congrats!

    I think the Ricochet PTB should send Dave Carter on a trip to Britain to help the lads – especially Delingpole.

    • #4