Of all the authors we’ve covered on the show, whose works would we remove from existence? What takes you out of a book the quickest? How important are maps to fantasy stories? Kyle and Craig tackle these and many other burning questions on today’s Wheel of Tangents.

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Music: “The Seven Seas” courtesy of https://www.philter.no/

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  1. Arahant Member

    I’m going to use Random Book #5 as a title some day.

    • #1
    • December 6, 2019, at 12:22 AM PST
  2. Arahant Member

    The “They” issue is interesting, but what the real problem is that he is not clear on his antecedents.

    • #2
    • December 6, 2019, at 12:35 AM PST
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  3. Arahant Member

    “Reasonable people may agree” gave me a good laugh.

    • #3
    • December 6, 2019, at 12:44 AM PST
  4. Arahant Member

    I really love these Wheel of Tangents shows. For one thing, they cover more books and series, so if one is not reading a particular series, one doesn’t feel excluded.

    • #4
    • December 6, 2019, at 12:53 AM PST