We were saddened to learn today of the passing today of Christopher Tolkien, someone who has done more for the fantasy genre than most people realize. Craig talks a bit about the younger Tolkien’s legacy and his contribution to fantasy. The bulk of the episode is reserved for reviewing Netflix’s The Witcher, starring Henry Cavill. There’s a lot to love and a lot to … love somewhat less, and we’ll get to a few of those things on today’s episode. Craig and Kyle are joined on this episode by Matt Hatch from The Dusty Wheel, a Wheel of Time-centric, live call-in show on YouTube. Go check it out.

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Music: “The Seven Seas” courtesy of https://www.philter.no/

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  1. Arahant Member
    • “I kill people for fun, so you should stop doing that.” — I’m starting to really like you, kid. Great attitude.
    • How could anyone involved with fantasy not know who Christopher Tolkien was and what he had done? I think JRRT was a bad writer who needed a strong editor.[1][2][3] I struggled to stay awake through reading The Hobbit and LOTR. I have not bothered with the Silmarillion, etc. But even I, who avoids Old Tollers stuff, knows who Christopher Tolkien was and what he did. Now, I have read my fair share of fantasy novels, but I don’t do things like reading all the “Behind the Scenes” stuff or magazines on the subject. I have just heard stuff from friends who read Old Tollers. Maybe it is just a factor of age. You kids get off my lawn.
    • Interesting show, as usual. It was a good conversation. Thanks for bringing Matt Hatch in. He definitely added to the conversation.

    [1]. Your hatred will make me stronger.

    [2]. He was a great world builder, but his stuff comes off as the perseverations of a mildly autistic man (Asperger’s Syndrome in spades, baby). The fact that Christopher could produce the volumes and volumes from his father’s notes tells us that more than anything. No, I don’t really think that he was a bad writer, but he seriously needed a good and strong editor. The Lord of the Rings probably should have been one book. And, yes, Peter Jackson, one movie.

    [3]. Yes, I do have the same problems as a writer. I currently have over 42,000 people in my characters database. And they all want their stories told. Instead of a garage filled with notes, I have a computer filled with them. There is a reason I recognize Tolkien’s symptoms so well.

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    • January 17, 2020, at 10:33 AM PST
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