Craig, Ryan, Megan, and Stephanie sit down to discuss their experience with Brandon Sanderson’s first “secret project” of 2023, Tress of the Emerald Sea. They also take your comments and questions.

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  1. Internet's Hank Contributor
    Internet's Hank

    I had that exact reaction to the narrator voice. First couple chapters I’m thinking “Yeah, the insulting narrator is a bit funny, but a little too cute. It’s going to grow old over the course of an entire book.” Then the narrator drops is name, and oh, okay, everything is cool. I know the character, and listening in his voice works. But if I wasn’t obsessing over the rules of the cosmere and I didn’t recognize him I think I would have found the whole thing annoying.

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  2. Internet's Hank Contributor
    Internet's Hank

    Re: Hoid’s plan, I’m going with a wild explanation. Hoid didn’t have a plan but he knew it’d ultimately resolve in his favor. He gave the game away in Oathbringer when he said “I swore an oath to always be there when I was needed. I should have been more specific.” That’s not the exact line but you get the drift. It explains why he shows up basically everywhere in all the stories. But how does he know there’s going to be a Tress?

    The Sorceress has set herself up as a sorceress. She’s the big bad at the end of the world. She’s set herself up on this world because she’d unbeatable by the locals. But Hoid’s been playing this game longer than she has; he knows that dragons breed dragonslayers. She’s nigh on unbeatable, but because of the way she’s set up she’s generating a series of hopeless challengers. One of them is going to best her. And because of Hoid’s oath, he’s going to be there when it happens. Hoid doesn’t know that Tress is coming, but he knows that someone fitting that description ultimately will. He doesn’t have a plan for breaking his curse, but he knows it’s going to happen eventually.

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