Craig and Ryan are joined by Drew and Lauren McCaffrey from the Inking Out Loud podcast to discuss the first few episodes of the new Wheel of Time TV show. How faithful is the adaptation? Does the show work on its own, for non-readers? Should the crew have stayed up until 2:30 am to record all of this?

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  1. Arahant Member

    Good show. One thing I would say is that if you have to have read the books or if you have to watch three or more episodes to get into it, the show is a failure. It’s like I was hooked on The Legendarium after the first episode I listened to. For a television show or a book or even a poem, the opener has to catch people, invite them in, make them want to stay.

    I vaguely remember a poem I critiqued comparing something or someone to Tithonus in very high-falutin’ language. The poem was totally inaccessible to the majority of the intended (or any) audiences, since about the only people who would have understood it were those with a degree in Greek mythology. It was not something that most people would have bothered to wade through to get to the second line, unless it were a school assignment. That is what I am reminded of anytime that someone tells me that you have to watch the first (x episodes/season/etc.) before it gets good. In that case, it isn’t good. Go back to the story board and find a way to hook people in the first episode. Yes, you may have to adjust from the source material which was in a different medium, but do it anyway.

    I look forward to hearing how far your wife makes it through and her reactions.

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