What We Saw at the Revolution

Pack a lunch because this is the longest session we’ve ever held in the faculty lounge. In the final Law Talk of the Trump Administration, we break down all the events of the last week: Congress’s attempt to stymie the tallying of the electoral vote, the role of the Vice President, whether President Trump should be removed from office, a seeming breakdown in the chain of command, and a reaction to the president’s attempt to pressure Georgia’s Secretary of State. Then it’s on to the incoming Biden Administration, as the professors react to Merrick Garland’s nomination to be Attorney General, the push for statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., and the prospect of Justice Breyer’s retirement from the Supreme Court. Then we cap it all off with the professors’ final judgments on the Trump Administration. All that, plus breaking news from Twitter and McDonald’s and … less-than-breaking news from the annals of Roman Law.

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  1. MISTER BITCOIN Inactive

    @troysenik: the latest episodes of law talk have not been showing on spotify.

    I think the last one was in July, the one about Roger Stone


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  2. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    MISTER BITCOIN (View Comment):

    @troysenik: the latest episodes of law talk have not been showing on spotify.

    I think the last one was in July, the one about Roger Stone


    We have been having issues with Spotify and some of our shows because of the music that is used on them. But that should not be an issue with this show. That said, for privacy reasons alone, I do not recommend consuming podcasts on Spotify’s platform. Because it is a closed eco-system and they have your credit card, they know a lot about you and sell that info to advertisers and marketers in a very opaque way. Much better to use the stock Apple or Android podcast app, or even better; a third party podcast app. I use this one. 

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  3. SeanDMcG Thatcher

    As someone very familiar with that part of the District that was retroceded to Virginia, I am wholeheartedly in agreement for the same thing to happen to the populated areas of the District on the other side of the river. As referenced, there is a federal “enclave” within which no one but the President lives. The other land can be given back to Maryland. A logistics nightmare, to be sure, but the biggest opposition will come from those have been crying,  “Taxation without Representation.” If all they wanted was proper representation for their constituents, then this should be a viable plan, but they want power.

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