The fall semester is under way in the faculty lounge as Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo take us through the latest legal controversies. On the syllabus: The many twists and turns of the FBI’s investigation into Donald Trump — Was the raid justified? Can the president declassify documents at will? And what’s a special master anyway? Then, we turn to the Biden Administration’s plan to forgive college debt. Does the president really have the authority to make such sweeping policy unilaterally? And, if not, does anyone actually have standing to challenge the move in court? Finally, a look at some of the legal complexities of a post-Roe world. Can the White House force states to allow certain abortions that are otherwise prohibited under state law? A lawsuit in Idaho and a new policy from the VA will put that question to the test.

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  1. jmelvin Member

    Excellent podcast again, gentlemen.

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  2. Red Herring Coolidge
    Red Herring

    1. Glad they clarified that it was the FBI that chucked the documents on the floor.

    2. re the comment that the lawyers treated them as classified isn’t that big of a deal. Knowing the track record of the FBI, why would they not treat them as classified as the FBI claimed, rather than give the FBI another excuse to attack them. The lawyers were in no position to understand the sensitivity of any of those documents regardless.

    3. Re special master creating a good pause, Trump wanting to be in the news, and good for the government if this goes away…Dems don’t want it to go away. Their goal wasn’t getting the documents but on getting Trump. Once this runs it’s course, they will move on to something else. Even if Trump retires from politics, the Dems will not stop. They are so vindictive that they will not stop u til they destroy him.

    4. Equal justice doesn’t apply when things are political, should, but doesn’t. Nor will dropping this issue restore faith in and reputation of the FBI and DOJ.

    5. So the act excusing the college debt was written by a Duke guy?

    6. Impeachment and/or purse strings are the choices to fix the student loan overreach. Remove the government from student loans and don’t appropriate any more money for student loans.

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