The faculty lounge has reopened for 2023 and Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo are ringing in the new year in style. On the docket: What’s the potential fallout from President Biden’s mishandling of classified information? And how does it compare to former President Trump’s? What happens if the Supreme Court never gets to the bottom of the leak of the Dobbs opinion? Is there a sudden epidemic of incivility on the Court? And — the analysis you’re all really here for — will Alec Baldwin be convicted for his role in an accidental shooting on a New Mexico film set? All that plus Yoo reviews movies, Epstein takes a left turn into the JFK assassination, and we review some of the sickest burns in Supreme Court history.

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  1. Internet's Hank Contributor
    Internet's Hank

    “They’re not the Three Amigos in their mariachi outfits driving around in Mexico” and I check back and am saddened not to find that photoshopped.

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  2. Blondie Thatcher

    Great podcast, as always. 

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  3. Seawriter Contributor

    Umm . . .  Alex Baldwin the producer of Rust. He was not simply an actor. He was in charge of the movie. He was responsible for ensuring a safe set. He hired the armorer. He allowed a sloppy studio to be run.  For one thing there was no reason for any live ammunition to be on the set. He is negligent by being the man in charge. 

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  4. RktSci Member

    Some points on the Rust shooting.

    First, the armorer was not on the set to hand the gun to Baldwin. She had prepped the gun and left it in her van. The Assistant Director, a position that is in charge of safety on sets, got the gun and handed it to Baldwin. The AD has pled to a lesser count. The armorer’s culpability arises from improperly prepping the gun and mixing live, blank, and dummy ammo in the van (and possibly having two guns that looked alike prepped in the van).

    Baldwin has some responsibility, as producer, in hiring an armorer that had safety problems on a past shoot, hiring a AD that had also been associated with safety problems on a previous shoot, and allowing safety problems on the set of Rust. But that is probably civil in nature.

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