(Ex)Presidents’ Day

The faculty lounge reopens for a special Presidents’ Day session in which Professors Richard Epstein and John Yoo kick things off by revealing their picks for the most under- and overrated presidents. Then we’re on to current controversies: will a talkative juror foul the case against Donald Trump in Georgia? Why is Mike Pence employing a novel legal argument to avoid a subpoena in the DOJ’s investigation of the former president? And will Ron DeSantis’ attempt to overhaul American defamation law get its day in the Supreme Court? All that plus the biggest question bedeviling America: what on earth is Professor Yoo wearing?

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  1. James Salerno Coolidge
    James Salerno


    1. Tyler

    2. A. Johnson

    3. Pierce

    4. Van Buren

    5. Harding


    Overrated (I will avoid the usual liberal scapegoats like LBJ, FDR, etc)

    1. Lincoln

    2. Polk

    3. JFK

    4. Jackson

    5. T Roosevelt

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  2. GlennAmurgis Coolidge

    I would add Wilson and FDR to overrated  

    I would add Coolidge to underrated.


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  3. James Salerno Coolidge
    James Salerno

    I think Coolidge is rated properly based on those who should like him, if that makes sense. Recent work by people like Amity Schlaes have really pumped him up for economic libertarian circles, free market types and even mainstream Republicans (Reagan can take a lot of credit for Coolidge revisionism as well). The people who should like him do. Coolidge will never win over the academics or the Barnes & Noble types, nor is it realistically plausible to expect him to.

    Outside of very esoteric circles, nobody is making arguments for John Tyler or Martin Van Buren.

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  4. KM Lincoln

    Started listening to Law Talk not too long ago (great podcast!), but I am unable to access any of the audio recordings prior to episode #89.. Not sure if this is a glitch? 

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