Brexit and Gators

It’s a full session of summer school with Professors Epstein and Yoo. In this episode: What does Brexit mean for Europe (and could America use some nationwide referendums of its own)?; Should conservatives curb their enthusiasm on the Supreme Court’s handling of the immigration case?; Why the SCOTUS affirmative action case may mark the end of an era; Can the gun control restrictions proposed in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting pass constitutional muster? And why is Richard throwing shade at the Bay Area? Tune in to find out.

Bloody good, EJHill.

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There are 7 comments.

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  1. Randy Weivoda Moderator
    Randy Weivoda

    Wow.  Can we get that cover art in poster size?

    • #1
  2. Eeyore Member

    Man, John looks pretty badass there. Glad he not NORK.

    • #2
  3. Metalheaddoc Member

    If Ricochet wants another money making idea, have some prints of EJ’s stuff made and signed by the guys. Some of these things are simply chock full of awesome.

    • #3
  4. EHerring Coolidge

    Touche, Blue Yeti, on the closing song.

    Re using gov lists to deny gun rights… that might have worked before Obama, but no more.  We have a corrupt government that can’t be trusted.  Scandals add up…Clinton’s emails, Benghazi, gun running, executive orders, political IRS, EPA, etc.  I could not trust even once honorable institutions to not corrupt even that process.  Once one’s moral character is lost, it isn’t easy to regain trust…so it is with government.  I would prefer we encourage self defense.  I don’t expect government will regain the trust of the conservatives in my lifetime.

    • #4
  5. EJHill Podcaster

    Metalheaddoc: If Ricochet wants another money making idea, have some prints of EJ’s stuff made and signed by the guys. Some of these things are simply chock full of awesome.

    First off, thank you for the kind words.

    As for offering it in another form: If only. Even using stock photography the legalities are a nightmare. There is “editorial” use and then there is “commercial” use.

    Parody of copyrighted works, such as the above, presents another problem. Much of what is available out there on the web is pretty low resolution, averaging around 72 pixels per inch. The stuff I produce for the store is all done at a resolution of 300px or greater. Upconverted, that would take this 14″ x 7″ image and reduce it to 3.3″ x 1.8″. That’s great for postage stamps but not much else.

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  6. Matt Bartle Member
    Matt Bartle

    Oh, man, that closing song has to be a violation of something. If not the CoC, then normal human decency.

    • #6
  7. John Berg Member
    John Berg

    I’m not a constitutional scholar, but it shocked me to hear Mr. Yoo say that it would be constitutional for some government functionary to place a citizen’s name on a list and the citizen  is then stripped of his right to bear arms and – this is the most shocking part – the citizen would then bear the burden to proof to show he should get his rights back.  I can’t think of any other time where a citizen loses his rights so arbitrarily and then has the burden in court to get them back.  Did I not understand what Mr. Yoo was saying was constitutional?

    I was also disappointed that Mr Epstein thinks it constitutional for the government to classify citizens by race and give favors based on race.  The government should see each of us as individuals not members of groups, especially such arbitrary groups as races.

    • #7