Traveling Right Now

Elisha and MK talk about how to have adventures during COVID (the perfect time to go on vacation). They’ve flown on planes (even with lots of kids in tow), road tripped, and maybe even been to a theme park! They’ve tried it first so they can bring you all the tips! (Just constantly eat and drink on airplanes, basically.)

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  1. Stad Coolidge

    You are so right about bringing food while traveling during the era of COVID restrictions.  My wife and I have started our trek to South Dakota for the Ricochet Meetup there (you’re invited), and planning has been different taking into account eating along the way.

    Normally, we like to have dinner at a nice restaurant after driving all day, but now we are limited to only takeout and delivery options in many places (we usually stay overnight in small towns vice big cities).  We settled on the Campbell’s Chunky soups and chili as our default meals if we cannot find delivery food we like.  There are many other “heat and eat” meals available, so we tried some of them before settling on Campbell’s.  Oh, and nuts.  Cans and jars of nuts work too, as well as beef sticks and jerky.  Finally, you have to conider dry counties along the way, so pack your beer and wine!

    Thanks for another great podcast . . .

    Update:  My wife and I are on the road, headed to Rapid City for a Ricochet Meetup.  So far, both the hotels we’ve stayed in have been pretty empty, so it sounds the same as airports.  Travel now while the traveling is good . . .

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