This Thrift Store Queen Shares Her Secrets

Emily Zanotti’s thrift shopping skills are legendary—and today she’s sharing her best tips with Kelly Maher… and because it’s the #ladybrains podcast, they also lay out what would happen if an EMP hit Westworld (stay with us), the BEST shoes to wear while being a mom, and BONUS: Kelly’s husband was followed and filmed while hunting. You… will not want to miss how that went.

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  1. Patrick McClure Coolidge
    Patrick McClure

    As an old man I have to ask, where do you find these auction sites?

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  2. colleenb Member

    Good tips ladies! Thanks.

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  3. Barry Jones Thatcher
    Barry Jones

    Interesting all the way thru. Gotta say on the wolf reintroduction issue – there is quite a bit of evidence that top predators are key to having a healthy ecosystem. People keep the elk and deer down but wolves take a broader spectrum of prey which helps to keep the system balanced(species wise)…unfortunately, sometimes cattle, sheep and the occasional goat so your results may vary. The whole idea is worthy of further observation, though as wolf reintroduction seems to have done amazing things for Yellowstone… Coyotes and prairie dogs are mostly vermin that need to be dealt with appropriately (and oddly enough, wolves tend to help control both species) .223 and 22-250 comes to mind, generally. And own the “nerd” label as “nerd” is just a more polite term to use rather than “smarter than you”. :)

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  4. Stad Coolidge

    This wasn’t a podcast – it was a journey! From thrift shops, to auctions, then on to EMPs and dead robots, finally ending up with a filmed legal border crossing to hunt elk in camo. Good thing I was drinking while listening . . .

    As usual, wonderful job!

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  5. Unwoke Caveman Lawyer Coolidge
    Unwoke Caveman Lawyer

    Patrick McClure (View Comment):

    As an old man I have to ask, where do you find these auction sites?

    Speaking as a bachelor who doesn’t necessarily use such sites, either, I think “Everything but the House” might be one of the kind of things they’re talking about:

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