The LadyBrains Award for Most Life Changes Goes To…

It’s been three years since the ladybrains podcast started—and um… a lot has changed! Bethany Mandel and Mary Katharine Ham are here to reminisce and try to count how many kids we’ve all had since then (this was hard). We also review our bad Meghan Markle opinions (Lyndsey was right) and more. Join us for some water under the pirate ship!

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  1. Barry Jones Thatcher
    Barry Jones

    Personally,I could handle more writing from Mary Katherine – that is what caught my attention in the first place about her. And the “Altima” Ladybrains episode was the one that got me interested in the bunch of you.  And last but not least, Emily and her twins are so cool – love it that she is a Marvelous Mom!

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  2. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Fun episode.

    For me, the Altima birth episode is also one of my favorites.

    For most life-change in the past 3 years, @kellymaher should also get life-change credit for starting the farm in addition to birthing 2 children. My recollection is that when y’all started the podcast she had not yet moved to the farm.

    Bethany probably does not need a separate gym membership. A mother of 4 young children lives in a gym. Plenty of weight lifting, weight carrying while doing other exercises (tasks), squats, running dashes (even if only over very short distances), stair climbing, stair climbing while carrying weights, etc. 

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  3. Stad Coolidge

    Lyndsey and Mary Katharine are tied for biggest life change.

    Lyndsey: She got to the edge of marriage, then made a hard, difficult decision to call it off. Now she’s married to Mr. Right, a huge turnaround. Big life change.

    MK: Having a husband pass away is a tragic life event, especially when young (and unborn) children are involved. To move forward, to recover and find someone great? That’s also a big life change.

    Loved this episode! The Altima episode and the Lyndsey Calling the Wedding Off episode are classics!

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  4. EtCarter Inactive

    Five (5) stars for Ladybrains from our entire family.

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  5. Patrick McClure Coolidge
    Patrick McClure

    Big changes can, and do, happen in your 50s. Thank G-d. My life is much better, especially with the big change.

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