Social Distancing For Extroverts

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield are in it together… a healthy distance apart. Tuck into this uplifting episode to learn how different personalities are handling all this social isolation, how they’re setting a “routine” in a world gone mad… and what we can all learn about ourselves. Mostly that cardio is essential.

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Published in: Culture

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Regarding Lyndsey’s surprise that MK’s new husband is actually an introvert, since he’s apparently quite outgoing when he’s hosting a social event: It is not unusual for us introverts to appear quite outgoing when we are put in a particular role. We assume the persona of the role. I can appear quite gregarious when I’m put on a stage and told to talk about a professional subject in which I have expertise. A friend of mine who’s also an introvert is nonetheless quite comfortable on the podium directing an opera. I have known actors who are introverts, but transform when they have a role to play on stage or before the camera. So, I would not be at all surprised that an introvert could appear quite different when he’s assuming a particular role as host of a social gathering. In fact, I sensed that from MK’s description of their meeting. My recollection of her description was that he was focused on making sure everything was in place so that everyone else had a good time. 

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