See America: How to Roadtrip With Kids

Mary Katharine and Kelly talk MK’s Insane Great American Road Trip—with 2 kids, 1600 miles, 4 National parks, and 5 states!

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  1. ToryWarWriter Reagan

    I know of at least one movie where the blonde lives to the end of the apocalypse/alien invasion.  That movie is The Darkest Hour.

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  2. Al French, sad sack Moderator
    Al French, sad sack

    Hood to Coast Relay. I did ten of them between 1989 and 2001. A really fun race. I am happy that you enjoyed your visit to Oregon.

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  3. Stad Coolidge

    MK, sounds like you had a great trip!  We listened to the podcast today on our way out to Denver.

    In 2003, my wife and I flew our three daughters (ages 11, 10, and 9) to Denver (where the wife was born and grew up). We rented an SUV, loaded them up and drove to Golden.  We visited the Coors brewery (Mecca for Dad), ate dinner at the Whippletree in Bergen Park (no longer there, dammit), then drove to Morrison to visit two of the wife’s best friends (aside: the wife and I will be there tomorrow, sans children).

    Then we did the long drive to Vernell, Utah, and stayed there to visit the Dinosaur National Monument (park, dig site, whatever). Next was a long drive to Redstone, Colorado on the Fourth of July (had to wait for the parade to go around the block to get to the Redstone Lodge).  No cell, no ATMs, no grocery stores (only a general store with two non-card gas pumps), and only three restaurants (one closed).

    Spent a few days there. The highlight was the horseback ride in the Rockies starting in Marble:








    Then it was a drive through Independence Pass, a visit to Colorado Springs to see Mom’s old school (The Colorado College) and Garden of the Gods, then back to Denver for the flight home.

    Overall, the girls were wonderful in the car, old enough not to barf and hold their bladders, yet young enough not to have hit puberty with the associated new bodily functions.  Timing is everything . . .

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