No, But Seriously, Don’t Kill Grandma

Lyndsey has an elaborate plan… sort of. Can she visit her grandmothers? Should she? Hear Bethany Mandel and Lyndsey Fifield navigate the weird new world of road trips and social interaction and, frankly, just take some time to complain about how COMPLETELY BANANAS so much of the pandemic-theater has become (and, spoiler: Bethany lays out why she’s an antibody truther). Tuck in everyone—it’s not like you’ve got anywhere else to be.

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  1. Stad Coolidge

    @bethanymandel, if you want to record what’s said and shown on your monitor, use the Windows Game Bar (assuming you don’t have an Apple).  It works on more than games, and many online tutorials use it to train people on how to use software.

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  2. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    We are on the opposite side – we are grandparents very frustrated that we have not seen our grandchildren since March (about half of our granddaughter’s lifetime). We think the risks of the Chinese Wuhan virus, even to the so-called “high risk” people is far, far less than what is conveyed by the media and by most government officials, and that the pandemic theater (closing churches and social groups, physical barriers between people, including masks) is doing far more damage to people than the virus itself would, and is probably not nearly as effective against spread of the virus as people seem to think it is. The hysteria over the total number of positive cases recorded is particularly ridiculous, since virtually everyone either has no symptoms or recovers readily (without hospitalization). 

    That rant is just background for we really want to see (and hug) our grandchildren. Although at the edge of the “high risk” group for age (we are 63 and 64 years old), we have no ongoing medical issues, so we see the risks of a combination of 1) catching the virus, and then 2) having a serious reaction to it even if we caught the virus, are negligible. But, our daughter (parent of the grandchildren) fears that the New Mexico government will punish her, her husband, and the grandchildren if our car with its Texas license plates appears in front of their house in New Mexico. 

    No grandchild visits on top of no in person church, no social clubs, and barriers between people everywhere is driving Mrs. Tabby bonkers. And we know that we are somewhat less restricted here in semi-rural Texas than people are in many other places. 

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