Listen to This Before You Comment on Another Friend’s Facebook Post

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  1. Stad Coolidge

    Other than Ricochet, I stay away from social media.

    Years ago, I convinced my oldest daughter to cancel her Twitter account when I showed her the only people commenting on her tweets were boys making vulgar posts about what they wanted to do with her.  I said, “Do you really want one of these idiots to show up here at the house?”

    It shouldn’t be this way, but the left is completely unhinged, and these social media outlets do not seem to be interested in stopping the spread of hate and actual physical threats aimed at conservatives.

    I have two good friends – one is a conservative male, and the other is a flaming leftist lesbian who’s “married” to another woman.  The guy is always telling me about the war of words he has with her on Facebook when discussing politics.  I used to think, why waste time arguing with someone whose opinion you’re not going to change?  Now, I believe it’s necessary to sway the opinions of others who may be listening or reading.  Lack of a response to a stupid leftist assertion could be viewed as tacit agreement with their premise.

    Anyway, another great podcast!

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  2. Lazy_Millennial Inactive

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  3. Jim Wright Inactive
    Jim Wright

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  4. JHy Inactive

    My corgi and I are hoping Daisy’s play-date was with J.I.  He’s our favorite DC corgi on social media.  And yes, they are overly barky!

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