Let’s Reject “Nothing Matters” Culture And Live Intentionally

Lyndsey and Mary Katharine remember Bre Payton—and how she’s motivated them to live better lives. Stoicism, habits trackers, and trendy New Year’s Resolutions—oh my.

Lyndsey recommends:
The Habit Tracker: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/516cbd34e4b0bb1f91d354ed/t/586bcfbe197aeaa9093edb3e/1483460544073/Habit+Tracker.pdf

Stoicism on Fire podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/stoicism-on-fire/id1368482721?mt=2

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  1. colleenb Member

    Thanks for your remembrance of Ms. Payton and for the tips on resolutions.   

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  2. UnwokeCavemanLawyer Inactive

    Two years ago on new year’s
    I read The Power of Habit
    But I never finished it

    (C. minute 8—Lyndsey’s right, it is a poem!)

    • #2
  3. AllisonSebastiani Coolidge

    Oh I really enjoyed this. New year’s resolutions can be so shallow or trendy but your deeper dive into it with purpose, faith, etc. was really great. Travel is on my list this year and now I am going to take your advice and actually make a plan to make sure it happens! Thanks guys for another great podcast… 

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