Emily and Elisha discuss being in their 30s and going to festivals, baseball games, and theme parks in the summer. Tune in for their tips on battling crowds and drunks and stay for Emily’s pot story!

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Re: Disneyland

    Walt’s apartment above the firehouse is different from Club 33. I have been in Club 33 several times (a former employer had a membership that the employees could use). Its entrance is an unassuming door with address 33 in New Orleans Square, near the entrance for the publicly accessible Blue Bayou restaurant. People with reservations use an intercom at the door to get buzzed into its opulent interior. 

    Club 33 was created for the 33 original corporate sponsors of attractions when Disneyland was built. Subsequently, memberships were opened up to others. But, for many years, it has been extremely difficult to get a membership. It is a fancy restaurant that pulls off the balance with the fact that its in “The Happiest Place on Earth” and the guests are there to have fun. Alcohol is available in Club 33 (the only place in the Disneyland park).

    Walt did stay in the apartment above the firehouse during his lifetime. Supposedly a light in the window would signify when he was in residence. 

    Disneyland survival suggestion, especially if you stay at a hotel adjacent the park: Take a break during the day. Start early in the morning. Then, go back to your hotel in the early afternoon and rest. Maybe the kids splash in the pool, since in the park they don’t have the chance to run around. Return to the park in the late afternoon refreshed to enjoy the evening. Since there’s a monorail stop in Downtown Disney, I assume you can re-enter the park that way, rather than returning to the main gate. I’ve seen too many meltdowns at about 4 – 5 pm in families that have been there all day, and then they miss the evening stuff.

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