Why Hunters and Vegans Should Be Friends

Lyndsey and Kelly follow up on last week’s episode and finally hash out why vegans and hunters are natural allies in the wild.

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There are 3 comments.

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    The Atkins style diets work for me, because I can stick to it. The only thing that I really miss on this kind of diet is bread. I can live on eggs.

    While I realize its bad for your body, I think you have to balance that against the risks of being fat. If this kind of diet can get you back to a healthy weight, and a new regime of healthier foods can be imposed to keep you at that weight. I think it would be worth the risks.

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  2. Randy Weivoda Moderator
    Randy Weivoda

    Single-cow hamburgers?  Good grief.  Does anybody think this will really catch on, and if it does, how far will it go?  When you eat out a restaurant will your burger come with a card that has the name of the cow your meat came from, with a biography?  The URL for the cow’s memorial Facebook page?  I guess rich people need something to spend their money on.  Now about that ketchup, can you assure me that all of the tomatoes that went into this bottle came from the same field?

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  3. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    Ok.  I am just catching up on my backlog of podcasts and listening to this one.

    One of you said all people can live on the Vegan diet.

    My ex girlfriend is allergic to the following.  All nuts, legumes and soy.  If she went to an all vegan diet.  She would die.  She cant consume enough supplements to exist.

    And why do we hate Vegans.  Cause when she points them out to them.  They tell her shes lying, or wrong or whatever.  They cannot except the idea that someone out there would LITERALLY DIE under there diet.


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