Holding on to Summer

Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield are NOT ready for fall. How can we make the best of these last summer days? Let’s chat about it!

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Homeschool or not, Colonial Williamsburg (and nearby Jamestown) is a great place to make history real for children. Although Mary Katherine has Bethany to guide her, for those who don’t have a Bethany, Colonial Williamsburg itself puts on programs specifically designed for homeschoolers. 

    Although we lived in California when our children were pre-school and elementary school (1990s), and we did not homeschool, we did make several trips to Colonial Williamsburg, and to Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and other places of history so that our children could see history in three dimensions, not just as words and pictures. Being in California, we also toured the California Missions. We saw that although Williamsburg and the California Missions were developed at the same time, they were very different from one another, which itself is an important history concept for children to get. 

    In adulthood our daughter told us she thought we overdid the living history stuff in her childhood. Oh well. We can’t win them all. 

    Colonial Williamsburg also has lots of open space (grass) and no motor vehicles in the core of the historical area. Visits to houses, museums, and other places in which children must be quiet and restrained can be interspersed with times to run around, play games (modern and historical), and make noise. 

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  2. Stad Coolidge

    We listened to the podcast while traveling back to SC from the South Dakota Meetup.  Loved it as usual, and we laughed at many things you ladies said.  I’d love to hire Lyndsey to “Lyndsey” our cluttered home, but I’m afraid she’d be clutching her chest after 5 seconds in our living room . . .

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