In this episode, Elisha and Kelly girlsplain hunting and Christmas with their New York Jewish friend Bethany and Bethany gabs about her favorite topic of late: Scientology and Leah Remini. Also, are guns and spears OK to give as a wedding gift? A LadyBrains investigation.

The LadyBrains are:

Elisha Krauss is a morning talk show co-host with Salem Communications on KRLA/KTIE The Morning Answer with Brian Whitman, Ben Shapiro and Elisha Krauss. Additionally, Elisha serves as the Director of Outreach of PragerU. Previously Krauss produced the syndicated Sean Hannity Radio Show for 7 years. She resides in Los Angeles with her husband Eric, daughter Stevie and their Brussels Griffon Mr. Guinness. They’re currently fixing up a 1928 farmhouse where they hand grind their coffee daily.

Kelly Maher is a nationally-recognized Republican commentator and executive director for Compass Colorado, a center-right, free-market education and advocacy organization. Additionally, Kelly provides the Republican perspective on politics for 9News (KUSA) in Denver. A Colorado resident since childhood, Kelly received an Economics Degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, two dogs, and a pet wallaby. In her spare time she enjoys hunting, gardening, cooking, and playing squash.

Bethany Mandel is a Senior Contributor to the Federalist, a columnist at the Jewish Daily Forward, and also writes for Acculturated. She is a stay-at-home mother of two toddlers.

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There are 10 comments.

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  1. David Carroll Thatcher
    David Carroll

    I really wanted to enjoy this podcast.  I think I could, but I had to turn it off.  I really could not tolerate the excessive inappropriate uses of the word “like” with the occasional meaningless “totally.”

    Do you, like, know what, like, I am trying to say?   Totally!


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  2. mildlyo Member

    Bethany’s dawning realization that she was the only non gun nut on the podcast was a high point. And the boar spear on the wedding registry. And the line “she’s three, so in a few years I can teach her to shoot”.

    Fun stuff. Loving the Ladybraniacs!

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  3. David Knights Member
    David Knights

    David Carroll:I really wanted to enjoy this podcast. I think I could, but I had to turn it off. I really could not tolerate the excessive inappropriate uses of the word “like” with the occasional meaningless “totally.”

    Do you, like, know what, like, I am trying to say? Totally!


    Yes, please learn to eliminate the “like” verbal tick.  It is annoying.

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  4. OmegaPaladin Moderator

    Thanks for the tip on Leah Remini – we could have a whole post on Scientology here.

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  5. milkchaser Member

    This was a fun podcast. Not terribly serious. Not very political.

    But the word “like” is a crutch word to be avoided.

    It would also be good to avoid making statements with the inflection of a question? It’s like an affectation?

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  6. mildlyo Member

    Lighten up, guys. All this diction criticism is burning my biscuits.

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  7. Typical Anomaly Inactive
    Typical Anomaly

    You spent some time on child rearing and the crutches you fall back on. I’m always interested in what’s going on with “today’s” parents. A couple observations now that I’m grandparenting…

    1. We got through the whole gang with St. Nicholas as a real historical guy, but all the Santa stories we just for fun and were embraced like Tinkerbell and other fictional characters. They knew from the get-go that Mom and Dad provided the gifts. We also trained them to respect other families’ decisions that were different. They had no shortage of fun and excitement. Looking back, none of them believe they missed out on anything. It enhanced their interest in gift giving at a young age to get in on the fun.
    2. Children who embraced doing what is right because it’s right had an easier transition to the point of accountability than did the ones who were bribed or coerced. We had a few of the latter and mostly they matured (morally) at a later age and had a rockier time.
    3. We took advantage of non-parental voices (you mentioned Daniel the Tiger) anytime the message was right.  No matter how hard you try, these voices enter the kids’ lives. Don’t fight them, approve of the right ones and teach them to dispense with the wrong ones. This, of course requires you explain the moral reason why or why not. Young ones can grasp a lot.

    Enjoyed the podcast.

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  8. David Carroll Thatcher
    David Carroll

    mildlyo:Lighten up, guys. All this diction criticism is burning my biscuits.

    Not burned biscuits! Even country gravy won’t save them.

    Podcasting is a modern form of radio.  Radio rules apply if you want to retain listeners.  Just sayin’.

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  9. C. U. Douglas Thatcher
    C. U. Douglas

    For the record: Daniel Tiger rocks.

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  10. Lazy_Millennial Inactive

    I didn’t notice the “likes” as other commenters did, keep up the good podcast!

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