Goodbye 2020—It’s Been Great

Mary Katharine Ham and Kelly Maher go down some WEIRD rabbit trails to wind down our LAST episode of 2020—including…  It’s a Wonderful Life: “What if we hadn’t met each other??” edition and some questionable home decor.

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Is it too soon to cynically claim that 2021 will be the same crap, in a new pile?

    I have been listening to you two since 2012, when you used to do those “google hangouts” about the Romney Campaign. (I had to sleep on that sentence so it wouldnt sound too creepy.) I think it was the only google hangout that I ever listened to. I really enjoy the banter and chatter you two share when you podcast together, it really comes across that you’re genuine friends.

    A $500 hair dryer? Thats the day you should’ve forgotten your wallet. I can’t imagine what that even looks like. Is it one of those that sit on a stand and lowers over your whole head, like a hair dresser would have? I also couldn’t imagine lending it someone – let alone lending it by shipping it to them… If someone wants to try it out – they can stop by for a demonstration…If your friend ends up buying one, the company owes you commission and maybe even a podcast sponsorship… How many $500 hair dryers could they be selling these days?

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