Busting Our COVID-19 Predictions

When the pandemic shut downs started across the country nobody knew what to expect—but we made some PRETTY bold predictions. Mary Katharine Ham and Lyndsey Fifield revisit the goals they set a few months ago to see just how wrong (and right!) they were.

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    About DIY stuff. Have you found the you tube channel of April Wilkerson? She’s a Texan who’s a few years further along on the DIY stuff… She builds furniture, decks, dog houses, chicken coups… All kinds of stuff on the You Tube:

    Here is an example of her typical project:


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  2. LisaEastKy Inactive

    Another enjoyable episode, ladies! I totally agree with MK re: Peloton. It’s been a lifesaver exercise-wise during these lockdown days. I gave it a try when MK invited everyone to work out with her online on her birthday and have been using it ever since. (and, no, I don’t have one of their bikes or treadmills!) Also, even tho I’m not a runner, I started using their audio classes to accompany my laps around the park and y’know what? I’m getting a little faster each time…. it’s difficult & challenging, and also terrific! 

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