Black Friday Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    An “experience” gift such as family membership to the zoo or to a museum the family likes (or a theme park if that’s popular with the family) is a great gift idea. I can’t imagine why a potential gift giver would push back on that.

    Our daughter’s step-grandmother each year gives our daughter (and her husband and now our grandson) a National Parks membership because they like to visit a National Park that is not far from the small town in which they live. Many years ago (when our daughter was a child, and more of the family was based in Southern California, and annual passes to Disneyland were priced more reasonably than they are now) she gave Disneyland annual passes throughout the family so that various permutations and combinations of the family branches could enjoy Disneyland together.

    Many family memberships to zoos and museums include guest passes so out-of-town relatives can join the family when they visit. Zoos and museum memberships are a great gift idea. 

    We have given to couples and to families gift certificates to restaurants that they enjoy but are pricier than their normal budget permits. 

    If people enjoy something like the theater or concerts, tickets to that would be a good gift. The teenaged son of a former co-worker who has an intense interest in the theater wanted one Christmas for the family to attend a particular stage production.


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    Full Size Tabby

    I also think services, such as landscaping or house cleaning or window washing or car washing is a fine gift idea.  A friend of mine each year gave his parents an “unlimited wash” subscription at the local car wash because the parents liked a clean car but had aged to a point at which they were no longer able to wash the car themselves. 

    We have ulterior motives (time with grandchild!) but part of our Christmas present to our daughter and son-in-law is a week of babysitting at New Year’s when our daughter’s work is very busy but their normal daycare is closed. 

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    Full Size Tabby

    Along the lines of the “experience” gift is also subscriptions. In my case, I receive a couple of magazines (paper and electronic) as gifts and we give Mrs. Tabby’s parents magazine subscriptions.

    For the kids, there are experiences like Focus on the Family’s Adventures in Odyssey audio story series “club” (since it’s overtly Christian, probably not for the kids of @bethanymandel though).

    @bethanymandel if you are going to pursue the homeschooling option, I would think resources for that endeavor would make great gift ideas (and you can probably characterize zoo and museum memberships and extra-curricular classes like dance and music as part of that).

    I think almost anything that you and/or the family will enjoy is an appropriate gift, and I’m having trouble understanding those who would push back against the idea of a gift that isn’t a material thing. 

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