Are You Homeschooling or Zoom Schooling?

Bethany and MK explore the new frontier of schooling in a pandemic. MK has taken the plunge, given up her former life as a Zoom butler, and joined Bethany’s homeschool cult, delighting no one more than Bethany. They’re on their inaugural field trip with 6 kids! Just like everything in 2020, this is fine, everything is fine.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Thanks for the various insights on home schooling. My daughter-in-law is starting home schooling the almost 4 year old and using Charlotte Mason as the template. Bethany: do you have any suggestions for how you keep the younger kids busy while the older are doing work? Thanks again.

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  2. Stad Coolidge

    I thought I heard one of you two ladies say you weren’t doing tests.  I agree at young ages, kids don’t need tests to measure their progress.

    However . . .

    Tests are the norm when determining fitness and knowledge for all sorts of things.  There are driving tests for licenses, SAT and ACT tests for college admissions, and there are tests for all sorts of skills, such as a private pilot certificate to fly a small plane.

    I guess what I’m saying is that at some point, you have to introduce your kids into the concept of “proving” their level of knowledge and skill to a third party by testing.  Doing it at home while homeschooling is a must in my book.  I hope you’re looking down the road at this . . .

    Great podcast, as usual!

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