Mary Katharine and Bethany are doing what most Americans are doing this week. THIS IS FINE! Tuck in and enjoy—and get some coping mechanisms!

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    We have very fond memories of the “dynamically decorated” Christmas trees of our children’s childhood. The children (and sometimes the cat) continuously moved the mostly-child-made ornaments around the lower branches of the tree. It was their tree too. We also currently enjoy pulling out those old child-made ornaments each Christmas and still putting them on our tree. But then our style tends to the eclectic, and so the professionally designed monochromatic trees have never appealed to us. 

    My neighbors have all decided that the normal rules about Christmas decorations are suspended this year. The official rules of our neighborhood homeowners’ association specify that Christmas decorations aren’t supposed to be put up until November 25. But, in a more-or-less collective decision via the neighborhood Facebook group, everyone agreed this year people should be able to put them up as early as possible. So, starting November 1, many Christmas decorations started coming out. 

    Visiting Valley Forge in winter is a great idea. As newlyweds, Mrs. Tabby and I visited Valley Forge during a cold November rain. That experience made much more real for me the stories I read about the hardships the soldiers endured. 

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