We’ve been waiting for and dreading this day for months: Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics co-host Larry Kudlow explains his reasons for not running for Senate in Connecticut. While we’re thrilled that Larry will be doing the show through the election, we’re sad that there won’t be a Kudlow in Congress. Also, Apple versus the FBI, Larry and Tim #FeelTheBern, SCOTUS, and some thoughts about Trump and South Carolina.

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  1. Tuck Inactive

    I think Kudlow was smart not to run in CT.  He didn’t stand a chance, given the deep-blue nature of modern CT, and why go through all that hassle just to lose?

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  2. Pepe LePew Inactive
    Pepe LePew

    Mr. Kudlow, the independent voters may not identify as Republican due to insufficient obstruction of Obama’s agenda by Republicans in Congress. Thus, to be obstructive may be what is needed to get those votes. Or to state it otherwise, consistent application of conservative principles is lacking in a Republican party that lacks intestinal fortitude, and the voters who seek non-politicians as nominees are looking for those with the guts to oppose liberalism. Few people trust that Republicans in the Senate will suddenly develop that fortitude in the sole instance of voting on a Supreme Court nominee. Does obstructionism win elections? Well, the Republicans were obstructionists in their unanimous opposition to Obamacare, and then at least some forced a short government “shutdown”, and each time the Republican major in Congress increased. Obstructionism is ungentlemanly but it protects the rest of us from liberals’ abusive laws. Do you really believe good manners should stand in the way protecting the public from abuse by liberal laws?

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  3. David Carroll Thatcher
    David Carroll

    A great many Ricochetti disagree with Kudlow and Pawlenty’s conclusions about Apple and the FBI.  Check the Apple’s Reply to the FBI thread.

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  4. Stad Coolidge

    Dammit Larry!  I was going to move to Connecticut and vote for you.  Now I have to return the U-Haul I rented . . .

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