kudlow-pawlenty 1400It may be a snow day for most of the North East, but not for Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty. This week, they cover Obama’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthy (bad!), why being fair is being stupid, especially concerning the capital gains tax, and the great need for a messenger who can articulate a better argument for tax reform. Also, why the Republicans must be more inclusionary when it comes to immigration.

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  1. Ricochet Inactive

    Gentleman – you came so close in getting how to message (mentioned keeping it simple) that I thought we were making progress and then this exchange (paraphrased) happened

    LK – why can’t they just say capital gains tax increases would hurt
    Gov P – well people who have more physical jobs wonder why capital is taxed less than labor so the other side says we need to increase taxes on capital to be fair

    We need to turn this around. Meaning, put out the message that you are right working Americans, labor should not be taxed more than capital. We need to bring down your income tax rate not increase other taxes, which helps no one

    We have the right pieces, we need to formulate the message

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  2. SParker Member

    Just to report a technical problem:  at about 17:20 (at the mention of Jack Kemp–and interference with the praise of Jack Kemp just ain’t right) the stream goes back to the opening advertisement.  The stream at NRO does not have this problem.  Browser is Safari, if that helps the diagnostics.

    As to cap gains and the Rentier problem (equity version), why not do as LK once suggested (and Milton Friedman before him) and require all earnings be distributed,  or imputed at least, to private and public shareholders.  You can get rid of the corporate tax (-gathering) and capital and labor are pretty much in the same boat on taxes, both in appearance and fact.  Get rid of tax-exempt bonds (call it Andrew Mellon’s long overdue revenge) and we need never fear the striped trousers and silk hat of another idle rentier.

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