No, not Leo DiCaprio’s co-star in The Revenant, rather the current state of markets around the world. Also, the oil plunge, Should people sell, sell, sell?  The answer is no, no, no. A look ahead to tomorrow’s job report, hat’s off to Ted Cruz for opposing ethanol in Iowa, Ben Carson’s great lunch with the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, and finally, Republicans killing (figuratively, not literally) each other in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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  1. James Glade Inactive
    James Glade

    Surprised to hear kudlow say this. They should sell.  Should have already sold really.  Going forward holding US equities makes zero sense.  Be long the dollar, 20 year treasury and maybe utilities.  Hold a large cash position. Corp. profits, Industrial production and manufacturing data all indicate a recession this year with 70%+ likelihood.  Also, the fed just raised rates into this slowdown…

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  2. Look Away Inactive
    Look Away

    Tim, given your general approach to energy subsidies in this podcast it is not hard to see why you are a squish and very much a product of DC.

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