In this special New Year’s Eve edition of Kudlow and Pawlenty’s Money & Politics, Larry and Tim take a look at the year ahead and make some predictions.

Who will be the Republican nominee (one guess), what the establishment will do about it, how the economy will fare in the year ahead, the year in Hillary, and some thoughts on the primary season and the general election.

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There are 4 comments.

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  1. Sheila Inactive

    Lord, help us !

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  2. Sal Reagan

    Mr. Kudlow, there is great service you are particularly suited to render your country. Please consider leading a behind-the-scenes delegation of conservatives to alert Donald Trump of the traps that litter the ideological landscape that could thwart his attempts at restoring America.

    Perhaps you could enlist the collaboration of Conrad Black who also has had favorable personal experience with Mr. Trump.

    This suggestion was debated energetically in response to the Ricochet post titled “Trump Reconsidered” now in the main feed.

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  3. Skarv Inactive

    “Democratic process”? Based on polls and punditry! Wish we could allow for voting to happen before we proclaim winners. Especially as polling is increasingly unreliable.

    BTW: Kudlow’s decision process is increasingly similar to Biden’s. I suspect it will end in the same way.

    Breaking news: Pawlenty tells us about retaking of Mosul! Wow

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  4. Mike Silver Member
    Mike Silver

    I caught Larry’s Sat. show. He took a swipe at the Establishment types for jumping on Jeb’s bandwagon too soon. Rather hypocritical. I recall Larry praising Bush’s economic, social and international program early and often. Not so with the other candidates. Larry couldn’t gush enough at what he heard from Bush at some big donor, Wall St. jamboree. These regular comments were endorsements. Now, it’s let’s jump off this sinking boat like all the other Establishment geniuses. Can’t say I blame him, but enough already with the finger pointing.

    B/t/w, why is Tim Pawlenty given air time? I thought he ceased to exist politically years ago. Is this resurrection a charity job.

    Look, I like Kudlow despite the above, and am a regular listener. He’s a fine economist with a great personality.  It’s mainly when he gets into immigration that I lose faith. He’s intellectually honest about it no doubt. And I can’t say that Larry went along with the “act of love” routine. But I hear the “cheap labor” bell go off when the subject is addressed.

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