kudlow-pawlenty 1400CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty reconvene to cover all the past week’s news. This week, Larry has a big beef about a proposed gas tax, Mitt Romney wants to run again, Paul Ryan doesn’t, is Jeb fatally flawed, and a plea for some new blood. Also, is Obama’s community college proposal a boondoggle or a good first move towards making higher education more affordable? Listen is and learn something, kids.



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  1. Ricochet Inactive

    First of all, thank you for giving me an interesting podcast for the train home. Most of the other characters around here seem to think the Christmas holiday has not ended. Also, I cannot imagine the trauma Gov. Tim P. went through governing America’s largest insane asylum (aka MN) where you have to balance a James Lileks with an Al Franken.

    With that said, I had to recheck that I was listening to Ricochet when the “who is more awesome for 2016, J. Bush or M. Romney” conversation started. You have to understand, there are a lot of us knuckle draggers around here (I am changing my finger bandages as I type). I think you guys can provide a welcome insider’s perspective to issues but, keep in mind, this is not the intersection of Wall Street and K street………I just don’t want members with pitchforks to show up at the next podcast.

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  2. Functionary Thatcher

    Tim is a pretty good guy and can wonk with the best of them.  His problem in 2012 was that he could not rhetorically respond to the left-wing MSM vitriol. I think it was a lack of courage.  What decided it for me was when he failed (I think it was on “Today”) to adequately respond to the faux left-wing/MSM outrage over the Palin “target” brouhaha following the Gabby Giffords shooting.  We can’t afford that in a president.

    I sensed the same character weakness in his flaccid defense of his “good friend” Bob Corker on the gas tax issue.  We need clear thinking and that rarest of commodities, courage.  Not maudlin appeals to friendship; I say maudlin, because I kind of doubt Bob and Tim are really all that close.

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  3. Functionary Thatcher

    Not that Tim is running this time.  But, let that be an object lesson for those who do.

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  4. user_494971 Contributor

    Who all has ePass? Doesn’t happen in Wisconsin.

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the government adopting automatic tolls as a method of funding the highways, but only so long as the gas tax gets abolished at the same time. I don’t want to be paying twice for the highways so that the government can spend the money on “Accomodations of Lesbians in Mass Transit” studies.

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  5. kmtanner Inactive

    I am maybe rude, but was this Kudlow drunk?

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