podcastWelcome to our newest podcast, Money and Politics with Kudlow and Pawlenty Podcast featuring CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. This week, Larry and Tim discuss why big donors’ anointing of candidates is a bad idea, the politics of an improving economy, whether we should increase interest rates while oil prices are falling, and the imminent tax reform deal.  Also, Kudlow and Pawlenty discuss the events in Ferguson and Staten Island and how Obama’s leadership (or lack thereof) has affected the public’s response.

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  1. user_1938 Inactive

    Wow. I haven’t listened to it yet, but that sounds like a great new podcast series. Good recruiting work, guys.

    • #1
  2. EuskalHerria Inactive

    Excellent. Excited to listen to them.

    Is Jim Pethokoukis no longer doing a podcast of the same name? Hope he’s not gone…

    • #2
  3. BuckeyeSam Inactive

    You mean Tim Paw-zzzz-lenty? Why didn’t he put himself to good use and try a run against Franken?

    • #3
  4. Western Chauvinist Member
    Western Chauvinist

    I love Larry Kudlow! And I’m not even all that interested in money and politics.

    So excited about this podcast!! First chance I get today…

    • #4
  5. ParisParamus Inactive

    Pawlenty sounds/sounded great.  Where was that Pawlenty in the primaries?!

    • #5
  6. jmelvin Member

    Excellent podcast gentlemen.  Mr. Kudlow I enjoy listening to you on the radio on the weekends, so it’s good to see you with a podcast here.

    • #6
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