This week, Larry Kudlow and Tim Pawlenty discuss Larry’s provocative stance on immigration, opine on the Fed’s rate hike, and, of course, parse this week’s presidential debate.

And yes, there is discussion of Larry’s beauty tips. That’s all we’ll say here.

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  1. Freesmith Member

    Governor Tim and Larry, two more non-veterans, really like Lindsey Graham’s tough, tough, tough sabre-rattling about the Middle East. Old neo-cons never die…

    Explain something to me: ISIS has a 35,000-man army about 200 kilometers from Tel Aviv, yet Israel, despite having a far superior military, has done zip, zero, nada to destroy that force. So why is ISIS considered a bigger threat to the United States than it apparently is to Israel?

    (Please don’t say that if Israel took action against ISIS it would be condemned by their Arab neighbors. A country can only be exterminated once.)

    Another question: does anybody else hear the words “foreign policy” when it is used by certain conservative pundits as a dog whistle for “Israel”? I do. I support Israel, but I’m put off by the way many conservatives try to cover up the single-minded intensity of their support.

    • #1
  2. rod Member

    Fiorina hasn’t gained any traction because pundits never give her any airtime.  Kudlow is the only one who ever even mentions her and he can’t pronounce her name.

    • #2