kudlow-pawlenty-14004This week on Kudlow and Pawlenty:

Are the Baltimore riots going to destroy the Baltimore economy? Is it like Detroit? George Bush publicly disagreed with Obama on the Middle East, for the first time in public.  Meanwhile, Rand Paul just said it was a mistake to overthrow Saddam? Made Iran stronger. Newmax’s Chris Ruddy defends the Clinton Foundation and the Clintons. He basically says there’s no smoke and no fire. What do Larry and Tim think? Finally, The Fed meets today. Should they tighten interest rates?

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  1. Metalheaddoc Member

    Re: Hillary. Of course there is no smoking gun. The Clintons aren’t that stupid. They know how to stall, obfuscate and evade investigations.

    I can’t believe experienced commentators push the notion that the candidates should just talk about policy and not comment on opponent’s scandals. Guess what? The other side isn’t going to do that. You know what they call the candidate who “sticks to the issues”   The Loser. Hillary’s duplicity and honesty are important to discuss.

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  2. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    Great article in National Review today about the H-1B visa “brainiacs” Mr. Kudlow is always going on about we need more of.

    You’re Fired, Now Train Your Replacement

    Southern California Edison, has been firing American tech workers and replacing them with lower-paid foreign workers brought here through the H-1B visa program.

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  3. Nick Stuart Inactive
    Nick Stuart

    Senator Jeff Sessions takes on the myth that we need more H1-B visas in the WSJ


    Regrettably behind paywall, but presumably Mr. Kudlow has a subscription.

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