Yoram Hazony on Rediscovering Conservatism

Yoram Hazony is the President of the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem and Chairman of the Edmund Burke Foundation. In 2018, Yoram wrote The Virtue of Nationalism, which caused quite a stir yet was selected as the Conservative Book of the Year.

His latest is Conservatism: A Rediscovery, released today. In it, he argues that American conservatism isn’t identical to “classical” liberalism, as is popularly thought. Instead, he argues we should return to the empiricist, religious, and nationalist traditions of America and Britain. So what exactly is nationalism? We answer that as well.

Then Jon riffs on the news of the past few days, including the shootings in Buffalo and California, Pennsylvania primaries, and the gloom finally hitting Russian media. Subscribe to the King of Stuff Spotify playlist featuring picks from the show. This week, Jon recommends “Through and Through” by Object of Affection.

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  1. JennaStocker Member

    Thanks for an interesting and thought provoking discussion. Very well done.

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  2. Stina Inactive

    Nationalism is the natal – it follows the people

    Patriotism is the authority – it follows the governance

    Americans who love the constitution, immigration, and spreading democracy to the world are patriots.

    Americans who think the constitution serves the people, are more reserved on immigration, and more isolationist are nationalist.

    You can have a blend. You can be one without the other. There can be more of this and less of that.

    Jonah undoubtedly disliked Hazony pointing out Israel nationalism, which is the foundation of why I am a nationalist. It pushes zionists to be consistent in their treatment of Israel vs the US. I disliked Hazony’s massaging of how the US can’t be nationalist. It felt self-serving.

    Nationalism is very anti-imperialist and anti-globalist. They want to be ruled by their own people and expansion wars are wipe outs; not to set up rule over others. If you read the histories of Israel, it was the attempts to rule over the surviving canaanites that led to the biggest problems.

    American federalism and subsidiarity is the best way for the US to maintain its “imperial” rule over the many nations that exist in the US. That means that local governments should have the right to the government and society they want. It’s how you get Sohrab Amari’s idea of conservatism while honoring the American Project of constitutional government.

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