The Public Is Revolting

The King of Stuff discusses America’s new malaise, Martin Gurri’s prophetic book Revolt of the Public, the new improved version of  “kids in cages,” and conservatives’ advantage in cancel culture. Subscribe to the King of Stuff Spotify playlist featuring picks from the show. This week, Jon chooses “Vendetta” by Iceage.

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There are 5 comments.

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  1. Kevin Creighton Contributor
    Kevin Creighton

    “You said it, they stink on ice.”

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  2. colleenb Member

    I didn’t think the malaise speech was done during the Iranian hostage situation. I thought he gave it earlier in his presidency but maybe I’m mixing it up w/ the sweater speech? I’ve probably blanked out a lot of the Carter presidency.

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  3. colleenb Member

    Can’t get into the music Mr. Gabriel. Too old I guess but thanks for broadening my music horizons.

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  4. Thaddeus Wert Coolidge
    Thaddeus Wert

    Jon, I like shows where you just riff on whatever’s on your mind, like this one. As far as potential guests, I’d like to hear you chat with Rod Dreher, Abigail Shrier (author of Irreversible Damage), Andrew Klavan, Mollie Hemingway, Kurt Schlichter, Jim Geraghty, and James Lindsay ( It would be nice if James Poulos was semi-regular, say, once a month if possible.

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  5. HankRhody Freelance Philosopher Contributor
    HankRhody Freelance Philosopher

    The problem with the “sticks and stones may break my bones” attitude towards cancel culture is that it only works up until the point where you lose your job. If you mess up someone’s pronouns on Twitter and your employer doesn’t fire you then that can be used as evidence that they’re fostering a hostile work environment in later employment lawsuits. 

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