Rudyard Lynch of the WhatIfAltHist YouTube Channel

The king welcomes history podcaster Rudyard Lynch, host of the WhatIfAltHist YouTube channel. He began it to ruminate about the big “what ifs” of history, but recently moved on to geopolitics, philosophy, demographics, and other issues focused on the big-picture trends changing our society and our world.

Jon then rambles on about all the stuff in the news: the end of Title 42, illegal immigration, Fox News’s travails, and more. Subscribe to the King of Stuff Spotify playlist featuring picks from the show. This week’s track is “Percy Faith” by Damien Jurado.

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  1. BDB Inactive

    Awesome!  I love this guy’s stuff, been following him for years!  IMHO, he’s not always right (he should really check with me before speaking), but he’s always informative, interesting, and entertaining.  He shares former YouTuber Masaman’s brave direct style.  He just says it.  No waffling.

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  2. StChristopher Member

    Very interesting interview.  Such an impressive young man at only 21!

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